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Pathfinder Players Meet “Combat Manager”


It isn’t often I come across software that is truly free to use, yet still finds a way to be both remarkable and robust. That’s what makes the under-discovered indie program “Combat Manager,” by… Continue reading

Roll20CON Announced – June 3rd 2016!


The staff over at has announced that they’re hosting their first online gaming convention!

How One Card Saved My Tabletop RPG


“The hooded goblin peered out from the safety of shadow. His crooked green finger traced a rusty dagger hilt as he fixed his eyes on Rath’s hulking back.

D&D Comic #1 (Free Online) — But Does it Deliver?


“Shadows of the Vampire” is the pilot issue of Dungeons and Dragons new comic book by Jim Zub and Nelson Daniel. In classic Wizards of the Coast style, readers are thrown into the… Continue reading

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