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Roll20CON Announced – June 3rd 2016!


The staff over at has announced that they’re hosting their first online gaming convention!

Gygax Son Speaks on His D&D Childhood


One would imagine that growing up under Dungeon and Dragons’ co-creator Gary Gygax would have been a colorful experience.

Acquistions Incorporated the Series Launches This June!


Dungeon Master Chris Perkins and the rest of the gang begin a brand new adventure in Acquisitions Incorporated: They’re launching a full-time series this June 2016!

Does This Spell the End for the Pathfinder MMO?


  For those following the progress of Pathfinder Online under developer Goblinworks, its been a long and bumpy trail. …and for those anticipating a sandbox MMO recreation of the popular Pathfinder RPG, its been down right brutal.

Paizo Challenges Blizzard with Strategy Card Game


It’s no secret that publishing company Paizo isn’t afraid of some tough competition. The company’s very existence is a bold stand against the weight behind the “Dungeons and Dragons” brand name.

D&D Comic #1 (Free Online) — But Does it Deliver?


“Shadows of the Vampire” is the pilot issue of Dungeons and Dragons new comic book by Jim Zub and Nelson Daniel. In classic Wizards of the Coast style, readers are thrown into the… Continue reading

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