Pathfinder Players Meet “Combat Manager”

It isn’t often I come across software that is truly free to use, yet still finds a way to be both remarkable and robust.

That’s what makes the under-discovered indie program “Combat Manager,” by developer Kyle Olson, a diamond in the rough.


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This deceivingly simple program serves as a digital combat matrix that seamlessly integrates Pathfinder game mechanics, rule calculations, and the Paizo library database.

Its obvious use is to track the turns and rounds of combat. After each tracked round, condition and buff duration are automatically updated.

While this makes it useful, the program’s true strength lies deeper…

Individual combatants are linked to customizable stat blocks and health trackers. Enemy stat blocks can be loaded from a database.

You can even upload character files from its pricey counterpart HeroLab, by developer Lone Wolf.

I’ve personally used Combat Manager to GM both my home Pathfinder games and those I host on for about two years now. As soon as I started, my players noticed a drastic improvement in combat flow.

It took mental pressure away from calculations, tracking, and rule-hunting. This allowed me to spend more time describing combat and interacting with players.

There’s a ton more to talk about, but I’ll just list a few of my favorite features and let the program speak for itself from there.

Features Include:

  • Area of Effect damage tool (with reflex saves mechanic)
  • On-demand game rules, feats, and spell descriptions
  • All Paizo beastiary and adventure path stat blocks
  • XP/Treasure Generator
  • Pre-loaded Monster Dice Rolls for Attacks, Saves, and Feats
  • Android and iPad Availability

I can’t thank Kyle Olson enough for putting such passion in the development of a program that is funded solely by donations.

He hasn’t updated it in a while, so let’s poke, prod, and start showing him that we appreciate what he’s doing and that he should keep it up!

So head on over to his website, try it out free – and if you like it enough, throw the guy a bone and donate.

He also created and hosts mobile apps on the Apple Store and Google Play for $4.99.

Remember the computer version is totally free, and remember who told you about it!

Keeping the Dice Rolling,
Fantasy Table Talk

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