Roll20CON Announced – June 3rd 2016!


The staff over at has announced that they’re hosting their first online gaming convention!

For those of you not familiar with, it’s a free platform for role-playing games that players can use from anywhere, and play together online.

…and it’s booming!

Roll20 has only bolstered its already strong community since its kick-starter funded launch.

They’ve done this by putting their “ear to the ground” and really listening and reacting to their community.

This has caused them to evolve their system into a solution players embrace no matter what rule book they’re looking at.

So What is Roll20CON?

Well, in essence, it’s a crazy 24-hour gaming blitz where table-top enthusiasts from all over the world gather together in the name of gaming.

There will be special guests, pro-GMs, community badges, and an attempt to break a company record!

Players and GMs are already creating tables and joining games. So hop on over and check out Roll20CON …it might be something you come to enjoy for a long time.

This author will!

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