Gygax Son Speaks on His D&D Childhood

One would imagine that growing up under Dungeon and Dragons’ co-creator Gary Gygax would have been a colorful experience. Yet, despite pursuing a very abnormal hobby (at the time), and bouts of “devil-worship” accusations, Luke Gygax reports that he actually had a pretty normal up-bringing. His dad was a pretty busy man, but always made time to socialize through gaming.

He fondly remembers play-testing new materials with his dad and their friends.

“My dad was pretty minimalist in his dungeon mastering style. A lot of guys today will use a lot of props and mapping devices and miniatures and stuff like that — we rarely used any of that sort of stuff. It was really in your mind.”

He wanted you to really think, and your character would benefit from you being clever and figuring out different ideas and things to do.”

He also spoke on his father’s passion for the English language and telling stories:

“Certainly, my English and vocabulary were greatly improved by my dad’s writing. His writing style, they call it ‘Gygaxian’ style, because he was circumlocutious and would use… big college words on purpose. He wanted people to pick up a thesaurus and learn a word. He thought the English language was beautiful, and there’s no reason to limit yourself to a small set of verbs or adjectives.”

Luke and his siblings founded “Gary Con” as a fond rememberance of their father and his contributions to the Fantasy RPG world.

The next Gary Con will be March 23-26th, 2017, in Lake Geneva, WI.

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