Acquistions Incorporated the Series Launches This June!


Dungeon Master Chris Perkins and the rest of the gang begin a brand new adventure in Acquisitions Incorporated: They’re launching a full-time series this June 2016!

Gabe, the creator of Penny Arcade had this to say,

“The D&D game we played on Sunday was bonkers. We flipped the script so to speak and I took over the DM seat from Chris Perkins who played as Drizzt Do’Urden. I ran an hour long game and then handed the reigns to my friend Patrick Rothfuss who finished out the evening. We did all of this live on stage in front of a few thousand folks with another twenty thousand (at least) watching on Twitch.”

It’s a spectacle to behold each time this hilarious and rowdy bunch gets together. Their sessions never fail to put me in the mood for some crafty RPG-adventures.

Check out their tale so far over at the official Dungeons and Dragons Podcast.

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