Paizo Challenges Blizzard with Strategy Card Game


It’s no secret that publishing company Paizo isn’t afraid of some tough competition.

The company’s very existence is a bold stand against the weight behind the “Dungeons and Dragons” brand name.

Add in a Pathfinder MMO that’s in development by Goblinworks, and you’ve got a company with a history of standing against industry giants.

It should come as no surprise that Paizo is throwing its hat in ring in the world of online strategy card games. Competing with big names like Hearthstone and Magic the Gathering, Paizo has added it’s own twist… catering to a loyal following.

Although it doesn’t carry the intricate complexities of its tabletop counterpart, the simplified version is perfect for mobile play in free time.

Players will see familiar systems, classes, locations, and equipment.

Add in support single players campaign and local multiplayer, and you’ve got a game worth trying out!

If free to download and play over at the Apple Store and Google Play or at the link below:

Try it out and tell us what you thought!

Keeping the Dice Rolling,
Fantasy Table Talk

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