Does This Spell the End for the Pathfinder MMO?



For those following the progress of Pathfinder Online under developer Goblinworks, its been a long and bumpy trail.

…and for those anticipating a sandbox MMO recreation of the popular Pathfinder RPG, its been down right brutal.

The Pathfinder MMO burst out of the “internet hype gates” with community-backed excitement and several successful Kickstart campaigns. This, along with a few strategically released tech demos and an early access server, incited hope in the gaming community.

However, a long list of disappointing game mechanics, a few project mishaps, and private funding fiascoes have brought the game’s development to a screeching halt and it shows no signs of picking back up.

Regrettably but not surprising, Goblinworks was forced to lay off nearly the entire production team. Pathfinder Online currently operates with a bare-bones staff consisting of only a CEO, an Art Director, and a Designer.

Existing servers are kept afloat by the handful of early-access paid subscribers.


Where the trail runs cold…

Although they’ve gone silent since their last update on Feb. 29th, they left their blog on a positive sounding note.

Lisa Steven, the acting CEO of Goblinworks, Inc. released this statement:

“The process to transfer Pathfinder Online to a new developer is progressing nicely, but our own deadline of March 1st for the transfer to happen has been pushed for a month or two. Contracts are flying back and forth between the companies involved and the lawyers have been summoned. There are a ton of moving pieces that all need to be nailed down. It is a super complicated process and there are a lot of people to coordinate with in a multitude of time zones. All this takes time.

The good news is that everyone is very excited and things are moving forward apace. As soon as things become more concrete, there will be a public statement and a community address in Mumble.

Thanks to everyone for keeping the faith, playing the game, and being amazing!”

Well Lisa, we all wish you and your team the best of luck as you lay to rest this ambitious project.

Trying to build any kind of successful MMO in a crowded space is no easy task.

Attempting to do it while recreating the Pathfinder RPG experience in front of a demanding audience with a cramped budget? Madness.


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