D&D Comic #1 (Free Online) — But Does it Deliver?

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“Shadows of the Vampire” is the pilot issue of Dungeons and Dragons new comic book by Jim Zub and Nelson Daniel.

In classic Wizards of the Coast style, readers are thrown into the action of a flashy fight between a cliche cast of characters and the undead hordes.

It’s reminiscent of actual D&D adventure paths, and places you into the casual role-playing atmosphere. This environment is made complete by the delivery of cheesy lines such as, “You picked the wrong church to mess with!”

Then in a break from the action, an interesting plot rapidly unfolds.

The “cheesy feel” is chased away by an immersive atmosphere with beautiful artwork and an intriguing story.

This comic could captivate if it continues to drive home story and improve fight dialogue.

Read the first issue for free yourself at the link below.


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